Welcome to SGVCUE 2018 Innovation Celebration. Please visit the presenter session page to find presenter resources. They may have their resources, evaluations or a registration for you to view. The official hashtag for the celebration is #sgvcue18 for Twitter and Instagram. So share your learning during and after the event.

Please remember, session choices on your Sched do not guarantee you a seat in that session. 

Please fill out the session eval after the session through the sched. 

Campus Map: https://goo.gl/obxKwi

Introduction Slides: http://bit.ly/2Q3GYrz

How to use the Alludo Store: https://alpenspruce.wistia.com/medias/oy7w7c97ki?wvideo=oy7w7c97ki
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Greg Gardner

WeVideo Inc/PlayPosit
Regional Sales Manager
Mountain View, CA
I taught on the college level before moving into educational publishing and product development - probably shocking many of my K-12 teachers. Yes, I was an energetic child! I've worked with WeVideo after many happy years at Apple. I was able to see the impact that iMovie had in the classroom. I believe our cloud-based creative toolkit is super engaging to K-12 students and an amazing lesson development toolkit for educators.
One more thing: WeVideo just acquired PlayPosit. What I have learned recently is that it has EdPuzzle parity and the like, but it offers many more learning object creation options. You can add formative assessment questions to actively engage your students, as well as add your own voice over comments. You quickly see students’ responses and their level of understanding, as well as know how much of the video each student saw and what parts they needed to see multiple times. Both students and staff can be creators. The number of video consumers is endless. We provide you with more tools, more data insight.

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