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Saturday, October 27

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How to Teach Technology Without Adding "One More Thing"LIMITED Room 503Melanie Pinkus - STEP Tech Academy • Brian Pinkus - CEO - STEP Tech Academy 25 Tips, Tools, and Strategies for Your 1:1 ClassroomFILLING Room 307Jen Roberts 2D & 3D Google GeoStories: Voyager, Tour Builder, Tour CreatorLIMITED Room 303Nancy Minicozzi 3D Printing with Tinkercad for ALL LearnersLIMITED LibraryRick Benavides Bring VR and AR into any classroomFILLING Room 700Brian Briggs • Ryan O'Donnell CA STRS/PERSLIMITED Room 504Arlene Dimitian Codesters Vendor Session: Coding in the Elementary School Classroom: Moving from Blocks to Text CodingLIMITED Room 505Matthew Evans Critter-cal Thinking: Daily, Monthly, Lifelong PracticeLIMITED Room 305Teresa Ozoa Curate your ExperienceLIMITED Room 418Randall Sampson Differentiate Instruction Using AR, VR & Other Personalized Learning ToolsLIMITED Room 312Jennifer Park Don’t Zone Out! Innovative Math Rotations Utilizing TechnologyFILLING Room 302Jan Dickson Flip Out Over Flippity (Your New Tech BFF)FILLING Room 410Kristin Moushon G Suite for Education 101LIMITED Room 306Jenny Cheung Historical Sites: Ten Essential Websites for the History ClassroomLIMITED Room 309Karalee Wong Nakatsuka Hit a Home Run with Google SlidesFILLING Room 512 Increase Your Super Human Skills With NearpodLIMITED Room 412Danielle Carlisle Lego Vendor Session: Beginning Coding and STEM for Early ChildhoodLIMITED Room 404Kelly Reddin • LEGO Education Need a Common Core Aligned Lesson? Digital Library to Your Rescue!LIMITED Room 505Myra Deister NGSS and STEAM for All!FILLING Room 408Annette Licata • Maddie Stodart Open House with a Techy TwistLIMITED Room 311Leticia Citizen Podcasting: Everyone Can Do It!LIMITED Room 507Brian Carnes • Edward Simoneau Sense-making for Primary MathLIMITED Room 508Michelle Reinhart Technology Ideas in Special EducationLIMITED Room 500Erin Lewis The #supermuch ClassroomLIMITED Room 516Jody Green Twitterize Your Classroom: Unleash the Power of the HashtagLIMITED Room 517Adam Juarez Hyperduino-boost Your Poster boards, Dioramas, and Physical Objects!LIMITED Room 314Gabriel Velazquez

10:20am PDT

3D Printing in K-12 ClassroomsLIMITED LibraryTom Covington • Michael Jephcott • Mara Hitner Action and Advocacy in Inquiry/PBLLIMITED Room 503Vanessa Heller Activating the Power of Seesaw to Create Blended Learning ExperiencesFILLING Room 313Kathleen Shafer Be Dangerous! Assign A Video Project...and Get Out of The Way!LIMITED Room 504Greg Gardner Break the Walls Down: Reimagine ImagesLIMITED Room 517Adam Juarez DigCit & DigLit en españolLIMITED Room 512Monica Bennett Gee Digital Tools for Social Science ClassroomLIMITED Room 500 Ditch That Paper, Digitizing Your Interactive NotebookFILLING Room 305Claudette Pantney • Anita Thompson Don't steal that! Copyright friendly resources for your classroomLIMITED Room 303Nancy Minicozzi Dude, Where’s My Tribe?: Elevate Leadership Through Social Media PLNsLIMITED Room 408John Staumont Funding Your 21st Century ClassroomLIMITED Room 506MaryAlison Weintraub Google Classroom 201FULL Room 410Kristin Moushon Google Geo Tools: Explore Your Place in the WorldLIMITED Room 509Lisa Bieler Google: Back to BasicsLIMITED Room 306Jenny Cheung Innovating PlayFILLING Room 307Christine Pinto Leap for Strengths: #StrengthbasedEDULIMITED Room 516Judy Blakeney Light Up Your ProjectsLIMITED Room 700Yoko Obata Lights, Chromebook, Action!FILLING Room 312Abigail Ramirez Making History Come to Life: ThingLink Virtual MuseumsLIMITED Room 309Karalee Wong Nakatsuka Shh Don't Tell Them They're LearningLIMITED Room 412Danielle Carlisle The ABC's of #Cyber CitizenshipLIMITED Room 505Kimberly Franklin Using BreakoutEDU for reviewLIMITED Room 406Venetia Ricchio Using the Design Thinking Process to Develop Foundational SkillsLIMITED Room 302Jamie Lewsadder Using Wonder to Inspire PoetsLIMITED Room 311Leticia Citizen Your PLN Beyond TwitterLIMITED Room 507Brian Carnes • Edward Simoneau Playground Amphitheater

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Art Rods for Inventing StudentsLIMITED Room 308Max Schafer Boosting Achievement and Closing Gaps with Diverse LearnersFULL Room 302Angela Barnett • Kristin Oropeza Getting Started with Google ClassroomLIMITED Room 506MaryAlison Weintraub GSuite and the Writing ProcessFILLING Room 306Jenny Cheung TECHY MATH FLOWFULL Room 307Kristan Morales triTECHtaLIMITED Room 507Brian Carnes • Edward Simoneau A Powerful Model for Student-Centered InstructionFILLING Room 214Tim Bedley • Kirsten Wilson Analyzing History using 21st Century E-ToolsLIMITED Room 311Leticia Citizen Breakout Edu: Engaging Students One Box at a TimeLIMITED LibrarySusan Myers Coding to Create Science Experiments & SimulationsLIMITED Room 418Scott Moss Coloring Your StudentsLIMITED Room 512Sophia Coria Crush The Chaos with Google Forms and QR CodesLIMITED Room 412Danielle Carlisle Gets Hands On With Coding And MicrobitsLIMITED Room 700Yoko Obata Google- lizing Project Based Learning, Design Thinking and 3D Printing!LIMITED Room 516Gretchen Gabreski Housecalls with @DoctorSTEMLIMITED Room 313Omar Shepherd How to Slack at SchoolLIMITED Room 508Ryan Bradford Interactive Makerspace Projects with ChromebooksLIMITED Room 406Roger Wagner Lego Vendor Session: Computational Thinking & Science - WeDo 2.0LIMITED Room 404Kelly Reddin • LEGO Education Micro:Bit 101LIMITED Room 500Vicky Sedgwick Motivating StudentsLIMITED Room 303Nancy Mikhail Starting from Scratch with ScratchLIMITED Room 305Joshua Johnson Station Rotations are for Big Kids too!LIMITED Room 314Princess Choi The Innovation Center WorkshopLIMITED Room 517Adam Juarez Tinkering Robotics in the ClassroomLIMITED Room 410Edward Li

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